Its only a secret if you keep it.

Paint the scene so you could see, the city’s picking up speed. On a bench 14th street, taxi’s streaming yellow streaks. Spears piercing through my ears, you could hear the traffic speak. Jack hammers drill smacking through the crackling concrete. Buildings filled with windowsills spilled tangled telephone wires. Signs sparking neon lights flash like wild fire—
— an excerpt from Aish Tamid by Matisyahu

Have you ever wanted to be in two places at the same time?

Shh… Miami allows you to feel the heartbeat of two cities simultaneously. Hidden behind an inconspicuous wall of literature on South Beach, FL, and with the right clue you can step through the threshold into a New York City alleyway. Founder and genius behind the concept, Chris Viso, is a Queens native nostalgic for a sense of home. Instead of just moving back he thought it’d be best to bring some of that NYC grunge and infuse it with a little sophistication of South Beach. If you’re looking to go straight to the big apple without an expensive plane ticket come in and see for yourself. After all it still is a secret. 



“The element of surprise is cool, but time traveling 20 years back and teleporting 2000 miles just by walking through a threshold? That’s epic.”

Chris Viso, Owner & Founder